Adoptee Artist Showcase: This event gives members of our community an opportunity to share their talents and work. At previous events, we’ve had musicians, poets, authors, and artists!

2021 Virtual Adoptee Artist Showcase – Carmie Kerr, Claire Mathieson, Darius X, Janine Vance, Kevin Minh Allen, and Rani Weatherby
2018 Adoptee Artist Showcase – Brenda Hunziker, Carolyn Kim Corcoro, Darius X, Janine Vance, Jia Sun Lee, JE Lee, Ming Foxweldon, Patty Sang, Rani Weatherby, and Reshma McClintock

Adoptee Mentorship Program (AMP): This program was created in 2013 by Beth Yu Simpson, Patty Sang, and Saul Tran Cornwall. The purpose of this program was to cultivate relationships between Asian and Pacific Islander adoptees of various ages, in order to support identity development and build community through engaging activities. Adoption Identity Race and Ethnicity (AIRE) was a discussion session between mentors and mentees. The topics ranged from birth searches, identity, bullying, family relationships, etc. Parent Adoption Identity Race and Ethnicity (PAIRE) was a parent program, facilitated by AMP Chairs, Mentors, and community volunteers, which offered workshops for parents, typically held during AMP programming. The Adoptee Mentorship Program came to a close in 2024, after an amazing 11-year run. Thank you to the founders, AMP Chairs, and AMP Mentors throughout the years for supporting youth adoptees, your commitment, and making this program possible!

Dialogue Series: These events offer a safe space for our community to come together and hold discussions on a variety of topics or events that occur either indirectly or directly affects us as Asian adoptees. Previous topics included relationships with adoptive families, birth searches, Black Lives Matter, representation of Asian adoptees, anti-Asian hate/crimes, and more.

Quarterly Events: Each quarter AAAW hosts an event such as a Holiday Party in December, a Spring Potluck in March-April, and a Summer BBQ in August. These events bring our community together where new and current members can socialize, network, and form connections while enjoying the festivities and food at the event!

Monthly Event: On the last Wednesday of each month, AAAW hosts a monthly dinner where adoptees can enjoy a delicious meal, meet and catch up with each other, and learn about what’s happening in the adoptee community! Since 2022, AAAW rotates these monthly dinners so that it covers areas North, South, and East of Seattle to allow attendees flexibility in attending as well as enjoy a different Asian cuisine.

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