Our History

On December 7, 1996, a group of adult adoptees met for dinner and began discussing the potential for an adoptee organization. Although this was the first time some of the adoptees had met, they agreed that there was a need for a community among adult adoptees. At the time, no groups like this existed in the State of Washington.

The focus was and has been primarily on resources for adoptees, and a mentorship program specifically for adoptee teens.

There are thousands of adult adoptees that were raised in an environment void of the types of resources currently available. Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW) exists as a result of a belief that together we share a common experience.

AAAW provides a welcoming community to new and current participants, a mentorship program for youth adoptees called the Adoptee Mentorship Program (AMP), educational opportunities for Asian/Pacific Islander adoptees, awareness of issues adoptees face, and allyship to adoptees of different nationalities and communities.

Milestones of AAAW

  • 2021 – AAAW’s 25th Anniversary
  • 2019 – IKAA Gathering 2019
  • 2019 – Begins Allyship with Latin American Adoptees
  • 2019 – Shifts Focus Advocating for Adoptee Citizenship
  • 2018 – AAAW Korean Heritage Celebration
  • 2016 – 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner
  • 2016 – IKAA Gathering 2016
  • 2013 – IKAA Gathering 2013
  • 2013 – Adoptee Mentorship Program (AMP) Launched
  • 2011 – AAAW 15th Anniversary & Mini-Gathering
  • 2010 – IKAA Gathering 2010
  • 2008 – Las Vegas Mini-Gathering Hosted by IKAA & AAAW
  • 2007 – IKAA Gathering 2007

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