Korean Adoptees

Korean Adoptee Community Orgs in North America:

Arizona – Korean Adult Adoptees of Arizona

Korean adult adpotees and their families getting together for friendship and fun.

California – Association of Korean Adoptees San Francisco

In 1997, AKASF began helping adopted Koreans find one another and connect to their Korean heritage, culture, and birthland. Early activities included sharing our experiences by speaking on panels, “Playshops” with adopted children, dragon-boating, and co-sponsoring screenings of groundbreaking films by Deann Borshay Liem. AKASF hosted its 20th Anniversary and the International Korean Adoptee Associations Annual Convention in the fall of 2017, bringing together over 230 participants. Today, we continue to help welcome and connect adoptees to the community and through meaningful services/events and continued leadership to the local and broader Korean adoptee community.

Canada – Asian Adult Adoptees of British Columbia

Canada – Transracial Adoptee Community

AAABC is now Transracial Adult Adoptees (TAC) a group that serves to create a community for adult adoptees. We are currently changing our name to Transracial Adult Adoptees (TAC) to better articulate what we are as a community. TAC is open to all interracial adoptees and those seeking community and friendship from other adult adoptees.

Canada – Asian Adoptees of Canada

A group for the Asian adult adoptee community in Canada.

District of Columbia – Adoption Links DC

Adoption Links DC connects International adult adoptees in Washington D.C., Maryland, Northern Virginia and their respective surrounding areas and to create and maintain professional relationships with other regional and global support groups for International adoptees.

Hawai’i – Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i

Korean Adoptees of Hawai’i (KAHI) is an organization for adult Korean adoptees living in the Aloha State. We invite Korean adoptees, family and friends to join in our activities and programs.

Illinois – Korean Adoptees of Chicago

KAtCH exists primarily to support and serve the adult Korean adoptee and transnational adoptee communities in the Chicagoland area, building positive connections and a networking within the larger transracial adoptee and AAPI communities. KAtCH’s goal is to create a welcoming space for members of our community where they can connect, learn, grow, give back, and build awareness around issues related to transracial adoption, AAPI experiences, and multiculturalism.

Massachusettes – Boston Korean Adoptees Inc.

BKA is a community of adult adoptees with a social and educational focus. We organize panels, workshops and other events to teach others about transracial adoption and to give voice to the adoptee experience. We conduct events that allow adoptees, their families and others in our communities to explore culture — Korean, Korean American and adoptee — and their relation to it. We also support the art, writing, music and other creations of those in our community who have the will and spirit to create it.

Michigan – West Michigan Adoptees

WMA is an informal group who meets once a month for gatherings at local restaurants. Contact Jackie Frens at jaclynfre@gmail.com.

Minnesota – AK Connection

AK Connection supports adult Korean-Adoptees as whole people; we celebrate the trans-racial/transnational adoption experience as a unique cultural community. We provide cultural, educational, and social programming for adult Korean-Adoptees, their families, and their communities. All programming is planned by Korean-Adoptees for OUR community.

Nebraska – Nebraska Korean Adoptees

The focus of Nebraska KADs is to bring together Korean adoptees in the Nebraska area. We have found that one of the best resources for Korean adoptees is to spend time with other adoptees. Many Korean adoptees can feel isolated at times. We hope this group helps eliminate those feelings.

New York – Also Known As

The mission of AKANY is to empower the intercountry adoption community, build cultural bridges and transform conversations about race.

Oregon – Adult Korean Adoptees of Portland

Adult Korean Adoptees of Portland (AKAP) was organized in 2001 as a place for Korean adoptees in the Portland metropolitan area to meet and network. Initially it was called American Korean Adoptees of Portland, but was later changed to Adult Korean Adoptees of Portland, as it is known today.

Pennsylvania – Korean Adoptee Association of Philadelphia

We seek to raise awareness about transracial, international adoption, and also provide a forum for adoptees to share resources and information about Korean culture, multiculturalism, and their individual adoption experiences. Additionally, we strive to connect with the growing network of Korean adoptee organizations in the United States and throughout the world.

Utah – Utah Korean Adoptees

A casual platform of Korean adoptees who are interested in developing friendships with other adoptees in the Utah community.

Korean Adoptee Community Orgs in Australia & Europe:

Australia – Korean Adoptees in Australia Network

KAIAN aims to connect adult Korean adoptees in Australia with each other, the international Korean adoptee community, and the larger Korean Australian community.

Belgium – Belgium Adoptees from Korea

The mission of B.A.K. is to promote contact between Korean Adoptees, the Belgian population, and the Korean community, serving as a platform for exchange and meeting through socio-cultural events that are relevant to Korea.

Denmark – Korea Klubben

Korea Klubben is committed to facilitate contact among Korean adoptees, provide a space to share adoption experiences, inform about Korea and Korean culture, and promote and provide Post-Adoption Services.

France – Racines Coréennes

Racines Coréennes has a humanitarian and cultural character. It aims to promote the meeting of adopted Koreans in France, and promoting socio-cultural exchanges between French and mainly Koreans, without excluding other nationalities.

Germany – Koreanische Adoptierte Deutschland e.V.

Promote the exchange between adoptees in Germany with live and online meetings. Contact with Korean adoptee associations in the neighboring countries and Korean institutions and associations in Germany.

Italy – Associazione Culturale Koreani Italiani Adottivi

KOR.I.A aims to link contacts between Italian adoptees and Korean adoptees all over the world and to create a group of friends to enhance contacts with other adoptee communities worldwide, to create cultural projects in order to spread the Korean art and culture.

Netherlands – Arierang

Arierang supports research on adult adoptees and the importance of post adoption services on national and international level. Our extended network includes adoption-agencies, Korean companies and government bodies, research and counseling institutes and (inter)national adoptee associations. We also improve the visibility of adoptees in the Netherlands and their specific needs and circumstances by involvement in special art projects and finding media exposure.

Sweden – Adopterade Koreaners Förening

AKF is a politically and religiously independent association for adoptees from Korea. The purpose of AKF is to create a meeting place and enable the exchange of experiences and insights about the unique fact of being adopted from Korea. AKF strives to meet the interests of Korea and Korean culture, while supporting international cooperation between adopted Koreans.

Korean Adoptee Community & Support Orgs in Korea:

Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link

Today, hundreds of adoptees visit and live in Korea. As an adoptee-led organization, our mission first and foremost is to serve the Korean adoptee community both here and abroad.

The mission of the Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.’L.) organization is to act as a ‘link’ between adult adoptees and their native country by providing services and resources to its members, creating partnerships and collaborating with governmental and nongovernmental organizations while serving the local and greater communities.

1. Promote the native home country’s language and cultural heritage.
2. Provide necessary services and resources to adult adoptees, birth family members and adoptive family members.
3. Enhance the adult adoptee experience.
4. Protect the rights and interests of adoptees.

Networks of Korean Adoptee Community Organizations:

International Korean Adoptee Association

IKAA’s mission is to connect, support, and advocate for the global Korean adoptee community. IKAA connects adoptees and their families by hosting regular gatherings, supports an international leadership network with the tools and resources to build their local capacity, and advocates for the well-being of the global adoptee community through key policy positions and partnerships.

Korean American Adoptee Network

In April 1998, the Korean Consulate in San Francisco and Sacramento-based Friends of Korea co-sponsored a leadership summit that brought together adult adoptees from Korea, adoptive parents, other Korean-Americans, and representatives of the Korean government. Many of the speakers referenced the isolation they felt. A commitment was made to create a nationwide network of individuals and organizations that gathered annually for a conference.