Filipino Adoptees

List of Adoptee Orgs

Website Resources:

  • Adoptee Kwento Kwento (AKK) – This is an online forum for Filipino/Philippine adoptees globally living around the world. We share our adoptee experiences – by us, for us. We aim to elevate the Filipino adoptee voice in the adoption process share resources for healing for adoptees, and support advocacy by and for our adoptees.
  • Filipino Adoptees Network – The Filipino Adoptees Network (FAN) cyber community was conceptualized by two Filipinas because of the lack of supportive websites for adoptees. By happenstance, both wanted to develop a website for fellow adoptees from the Philippines – to speak out and share our experiences, network with other adoptees, and provide a one-stop resource portal to learn about the rich culture of the Philippines and Filipino communities in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Facebook Resources:

  • Filipino Adoptees Network – FAN was launched in January 2005 as the first web-based organization to provide support, resources, and a networking system for Filipino adoptees, their families, and the international adoption community.

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