Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington is pleased to announce the opportunity to be granted a scholarship!


A semiannual scholarship of up to $600 granted by the board of AAAW to support fellow adoptees pursuing educational opportunities that enrich their understanding of adoptees’ early cultural background


The scholarship is open to active AAAW adoptee members. “Active” implies at least one year of prior participation by attending a minimum of 5 activities per year.


The scholarship granted must be applied to tuition at an educational institution. Eligible educational institutions must be accredited for their course provided or be approved by the AAAW board as appropriate to the scholarships mission of “providing enrichment and understanding of early cultural background” of the adoptee. The educational institution may be located in the United States or abroad.


Adoptee members may apply before March 1 for fall term and September 1 for spring term enrollment for a specific program by submitting a minimum 600-word essay on why and how the scholarship could positively impact their life and including a list of attended AAAW events. The scholarship funds will be paid directly by AAAW to the educational institution designated by the scholarship recipient. The scholarship recipient will be announced on April 1 and October 1.


One of the primary missions of AAAW is to serve as a resource that provides educational opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander adoptees. AAAW has provided educational scholarships over the years and hopes to continue to build on this tradition.

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