AAAW Mentorship Program for Youth and Teens

Currently accepting applications for adult adoptee mentors, and youth or teen adoptees. Also seeking additional planning/event committee members.

Program Description

Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington Youth and Teen Mentorship is a group mentoring program that meets once a month on the first Sunday of each month coinciding with the school year (October – June, not in December). Mentees are children between the ages of 8-15. Junior mentors are ages 16-20. Mentors are ages 21 and up. Mentees and mentors are matched in small groups (i.e. not one-on-one matches) called clusters that may be of mixed gender with at least two mentors per each cluster group with mentor/mentee ratio not to exceed 1:3. This structure will encourage mentor mentee relationships as well as peer relationships with in the cluster. In addition, mentor lead panel discussions will be offered for the program twice a year for parents. Families pay a yearly participation fee of $200 per year, to cover the cost of activities, events and related expenses. Additional $160 per year for AMPlified participation. Please ask for payment accommodations if needed. Our events will be every FIRST SUNDAY of the month, excluding April (due to Easter, it will be the 2nd Sunday).

We are also happy to announce that “AMP’lified” has launched successfully prior to each event. AMP’lified is an intentional, safe, and fun space for tween (and up) adoptee youth to engage in dialogue around their adoptee experience to include Race, Identity, Heritage, and Culture. The purpose of AMP’lified is to bring adoptee youth together to build community among themselves and encourage positive and healthy identities through self-awareness, education, and positive connections.

AMP’lified meets before most AMP events and includes lunch. Some of the subjects to be discussed in the 2015/2016 program year are: racial stereotypes, how to respond to bullying or racism, birth family and countries, motherland tours, adoptee identity, and our adoptive families.

AMP’lified strives to have open communication with parents regarding meeting agendas and activities, as well as providing support to the parents in understanding the topics and supporting their child.

We are a growing program so any recommendations are welcome! We want to accommodate YOU so you can participate!

AAAW is very excited to offer the first adoptee mentorship program of this nature in Washington!

Application Forms

Mission Statement

The mission of the AAAW Mentorship Program is to cultivate relationships between Asian adoptees of various ages, in order to support identity development and build community through engaging activities.

Program Details

Due to the sensitive nature of working with children, all interested mentors will be asked to complete an application, an interview and a background check (at no cost to you) before acceptance into the program. All mentors will take part in a brief training prior to being matched with children. We welcome mentors’ and committee members’ input on activities and events.

For more information and to apply as a youth/teen, adult mentor or committee member, please contact Committee Chairs or any of our committee members, at



AAAW Youth and Teen Program Committee

Emily Wesley – AMP Co-Chair
Hannah Prange – AMP Co-Chair
Beth Van Fossan –  AMP’lified Co-Chair and Founder
Saul Tran Cornwall – AMP’lified Co-Chair and Founder

Maree Ness – Mentor
G. Claire Mathieson – Mentor
Olivia Louko – Mentor
Solana Tanabe – Mentor
Mary Richardson – Mentor
Kimm Moore – Mentor
Jed Slater – Mentor
Ashlee Meissner – Mentor
Chris Carr – Mentor



Upcoming Youth and Teen Event Opportunities:

  • Scavenger Hunt/Geocaching
  • Potluck
  • Indoor Trampoline
  • Racism and bullying workshop
  • Rat City Rollergirls
  • Mariners and Sounders sporting event
  • Baking or cooking
  • Ice cream social
  • Ultimate frisbee
  • Batting cage
  • Mini golf
  • Talent show
  • Visit Asian art museums
  • Day with horses
  • Carnival
  • Corn maze/pumpkin carving/apple picking
  • Community service: eg. nursing home visit
  • Farm visit/wagon rides
  • Car wash fundraiser
  • Wild Waves
  • Field games
  • Board game party
  • Dodgeball
  • Laser tag
  • Bowling
  • Roller skating
  • Arts and crafts
  • Picnic and outdoor fun
  • Outdoor movies
  • Nature walk

And MORE!!!